This Educational programme’s segment is intended for the youngest philosophers and film buffs, for the children aged 7–12, and is connected with watching a film followed by a philosophical workshop (physically, in Skopje, and online – for children throughout Macedonia). This year, children from 9 to 11 years of age will watch the Japanese animated film “Mirai” (2018) and discuss on a selected topic.

MIRAI (Mirai, 2018)
animated film for children (8+)
* Translation in Macedonian language
Mamoru Hosoda / Mamory Hosoda (JP), 98

A little boy discovers that the garden in his house is magical. It allows him to travel through time and meet his relatives from different periods in time, guided by his little sister from the future.


Cinesquare VoD Platform (

An online projection for children and parents available from all corners of Macedonia, with the possibility to participate in a philosophical workshop with PhD. Martin Popovski on May 23rd. See a short description of the workshop below*.

Workshop registration:


23/05 13:00
MIRAI (Mirai, 2018)
animated film for children (8+)
Cinematheque screening & philosophical dialogue
Cinematheque of N. Macedonia, closed screening
* Translation in Macedonian language
Cinematheque screening for children aged 10 to 11 (fifth grade, two classes from primary schools in Skopje) and a philosophical conversation with Martin Popovski, PhD inspired by the film.


*23/5 18:00
Zoom platform
45 min. (max. 10 participants)
Online workshop “Filmosophy with children” (9-11 years)

A requirement for participation in the workshop is a prior viewing of the animated film MIRAI, available online for free from May 16–23 through Cinesquare’s VoD platform throughout Macedonia.

A child’s imagination is not just a magical journey into an imaginary world, but it often has its source and inspiration in the amazement from the real world and the environment in which the child grows and develops. That is why imagination is not only an outburst of creativity; in many cases, it is the result of the child’s authentic sense of wander before the big questions of the world, about oneself, and about other people.

This workshop for children from 9 to 11 years of age, called “Filmosophy with children”, inspired by the projection of the animated film MIRAI, uses exactly the imagination as an impulse for children’s authentic thinking (without imposing other people’s views and points of view) on important questions about family, love, jealousy, understanding, empathy… questions that open the way to the “Other” and to one’s own growth and maturity. In addition, the events in the film can also inspire a discussion on other very interesting topics, such as: time travel, the identity of a person through changes during life, or the relationship of man to animals.


MARTIN POPOVSKI is a doctor of science in the field of philosophy of science, has a master’s degree in the field of teaching methodology in philosophy, and holds classes in Philosophy with Children at “Classroom” (a platform for the education of children and young people). He is a pioneer in the field of Philosophy with Children in Macedonia, promoting, developing, and realizing this idea from 2013 onwards. Under the umbrella of the Philosophical Society of Macedonia, he organizes, participates in, and independently realizes a large number of lectures, workshops, and practical realizations of philosophy classes with children in cooperation with prominent experts in the field from: USA, Denmark, France, and Bulgaria. He is the author of several scientific papers in this field in domestic and international journals.

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