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PFF online room:

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Watching the films from PFF SPRING ONLINE MIGRATIONS on the Cinesquare VoD platform is free because of the COVID-19 crisis and this online initiative of the Philosophical Film Festival organized as a cultural action of solidarity this Spring in the digital realm.

In order to watch the films you should register yourself on: The registration is very simple and will not take you more than 2-3 min. All films are geoblocked, so they can be watched only from Macedonia. Directors and foreign guests will be given access codes to be able to watch the programme.

You can find the programme on Cinesqueare in the PFF online room:

For press accreditations and information, please contact us on:




Address: Nikola Rusinski No.1

Telephone: + 389 2 30 71 814 / + 389 2 30 65 968


web page:

fb: KinotekaNaMakedonija


Single ticket: 100 den.
Reduced single ticket:
50 den. – price of a ticket for any projection for students and retired people; short films (13 & 14 May)
Daily ticket: 150 den. (for all the events in the day)
Daily reduced ticket: 100 den. – price of a daily ticket for students and retired people; daily ticket for 13 & 14 May (Monday and Tuesday)

* The tickets can be found on the caisse in the Cinematheque of N. Macedonia immediately before every projection (no reservations) and the events in the Retrospective Wenders and the PFF Caravan are for free.